Real Talk! Plain Talk! You MEN FOLK ( I’m from Texas and I’m a little fussy right now) have a SUPER BAD HABIT of ignoring the signs when you might be sick or getting sick! This is why insurance  is cheaper for you and why you die quicker than women! But I am here to tell you, that “I can push through it” attitude isn’t cool and should be scrubbed from your psyche! It isn’t fair to those of us who have to take care of your raggedy butts! Y’all act like the world is ending when you get a hang nail! So, can you imagine how y’all would act, God forbid, if you had a heart attack, cancer, or stroke??? Well I do! It’s not cool! Patience goes out the door and y’all get mad when things don’t happen at the speed of yesterday! While y’all are acting like that, you are forgetting that YOUR STUBBORNNESS is what got you in the mess you may be currently in or may find yourself in!

My Advice to Men

Let me give you a couple pieces of advice:

1. Get REGULAR CHECK-UP’S – I know some of you may not have insurance. Trust me, I know how you feel on that! BUT DO NOT IGNORE ANY SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS! Save a few pennies for your doctors visit. I know you have at least one day off a week that you can take to go see a doctor or go to one of those neighborhood clinics. Request a physical to see what the state of your health is.

Mens Health

Exercise…it does the body good! Photo Wiki Commons

2. EXERCISE and HEALTHY DIET– Once you have found out what may or may not be ailing you, adopt a new lifestyle. PRAY you don’t have anything life-threatening that can’t be fixed with a balanced diet and exercise.You don’t have to join a fancy gym or hire a nutrition expert. Limit your bread and potato intake. Add more fish, chicken, and fresh veggies to your diet! WALK! Just WALK! That’s great exercise! It covers all your body parts. If you want muscular definition, get a few free weights or use the internet to find muscle-building exercises that won’t break the bank or your back!

Mens Health

Healthy Diet
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If y’all do these two SIMPLE things, your wives, girlfriends, children, and friends will love ya!! They will appreciate not having to rush y’all to the emergency room because your heart may be shredding or your face is melting from a stroke! So, do us all a favor and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Please and thank you!

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Jurisdiction…Police agency excuse for inaction!

The definition of Jurisdiction as found on and


  1. Law The right and power to interpret and apply the law: courts having jurisdiction in this district.
    1. Authority or control: islands under U.S. jurisdiction.
    2. The extent of authority or control: a family matter beyond the school’s jurisdiction.
  2. The territorial range of authority or control.

Police agencies are always throwing that word around but I don’t think they truly know what it means. All of the police agencies of the major cities in Texas are always spouting off to the media of how they are tough on drunk drivers and they put up posters, fliers, and billboards advising the citizens they are having zero tolerance, non-refusal weekends, etc. They spout off about being tough on drunk drivers and to report erratic or suspected drunk drivers. Yet, when I encountered a seriously erratic and definitely drunk driver, NO ONE RESPONDED!!  Saturday January 5, 2012, I called 9-1-1 around 4:58 p.m. and I was transferred 3 different times and then snidely told by the last 9-1-1 operator that since I didn’t get hit I was ok and have a nice day and hung up on me! NO SIR, I WAS NOT OK! I was trapped in the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane (HOV) for miles with this drunk driver and 3 different agencies-Richardson Police, Dallas Police, and D.A.R.T. Police NEVER responded to my calls and cries for help. This car was all over the road before it jumped in front of me in the HOV lane and I was unable to exit to escape possible injury! The cars behind me are honking because I am constantly having to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision with this drunk nut as they continually come to almost complete stops every other second. The first 9-1-1 operator, from Richardson immediately transferred me to Dallas PD who promptly transferred me to Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police (D.A.R.T. PD). While Dallas stayed on the line, no one at any point advised me they were calling for units to respond nor did they tell me that help was on the way. I had to describe the car and the situation to all these people but no one seemed to care. Not at any point did I see a patrol unit from either agency. When the situation was escalating and they came to a complete stop and wouldn’t move, I am trying to tell 9-1-1 this and they had placed me on hold but didn’t tell me they put me on hold and nor did they come back until after this drunk nut finally drove over the pylons and cut across 6 lanes of traffic to another exit. You can hear tires screeching and horns honking yet, NO ONE came to intercept this drunken nut! You can see the open containers and the driver drinking from them. I barely made it home because I was shaking so badly and could hardly speak. My Dad asked me what took so long for me to get home because I called him to let him know I was on my way and it was an hour and a half later! YES! 1.5 hours later! I tried to explain to him what had just happened the best I can and he told me he as glad I wasn’t hurt and he wasn’t surprised by the inaction of the police. So, I spent Sunday recovering and trying to find out who to call and complain about this horrific situation. Thank God I wasn’t hurt nor the people behind me or the ones the drunken nut cut in front of across the freeway. I have been a victim of a drunk driver before and I was having flashbacks and praying it didn’t happen again! But it could have been a deadly outcome the way this person was driving. But that didn’t matter to anyone because according to Richardson Police  Sergeant Holly, there were jurisdictional issues and there probably wasn’t enough time for them to respond. I was in their jurisdiction the longest and you can’t tell me there wasn’t a patrol officer in the area. But their 9-1-1 dispatcher didn’t bother to even check as she promptly transferred me to another agency within seconds of me saying I was in the HOV lane. She didn’t bother taking a description of the vehicle nor did she bother taking down the direction and cross roads before she transferred me! Richardson Police  Sergeant Holly had an excuse for every aspect of what I was telling him. He started accusing me of yelling at him and I said that is another convenient excuse you “Peace Officers” use when they don;t want to hear the truth. I told I wasn’t yelling but I could if he really wanted me to. Then he says, “you seem to know a lot about agency procedures”. I said yes, because I received a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and was taught by some very skilled Officers and worked with every jurisdiction in the DFW area but I chose NOT to stay in their garbage! Before I went into Marketing, I was very imbedded in the law “enforcement’ business and I didn’t like it! I still don’t like it! Yes, I am sure there are some very good officers out there but they get buried underneath all the crappy ones and that is all people see and hear about! Richardson Police  Sergeant Holly offered excuse after excuse. To me, excuses are the building blocks to monumental nothingness! And NOTHING is exactly what happened. Richardson Police  Sergeant Holly proved to me, yet again, that police inaction is rampant in Texas and always will be! I wonder how many people called 9-1-1 the before the Dallas Cowboy player totalled his car and killed his teammate? I think there is always someone who will call to report a drunk driver because they want to save lives but the 9-1-1 system and the police excuse of jurisdiction will always allow tragedies to happen!  Ironically, the Ft.Worth Police DWI Task force Officer was arrested for DWI recently the second in a few months time! I wonder if someone called to report his erratic driving or was he just unlucky and passed one of his fellow officers? I bet he thought he would get off with a slap on the wrist because that has been the case most of the time. So, Richardson Police  Sergeant Holly trying to convince me the police are tough on drunk drivers was laughable at best! I didn’t bother calling Dallas PD or D.A.R.T. to complain because I didn’t want to hear another wall of excuses! I will continue to report drunk drivers and I will continue to call out inaction by those who are sworn to protect and serve. I hope no one else has to experience the terror I did and if they do, I hope the 9-1-1 system treats them better and the responding agency actually responds!

BIG SHOCK: GOP Governors Deny The Poor Health Care In Opposing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

But this year, the state determined that the $819 a month she draws in disability payments exceed the allowable limit. By the federal government’s reckoning, her $9,800 annual income made her officially poor. But under the standards set by Louisiana, she was too well off to receive Medicaid.

This is how Johnson, 57, finds herself back amid the roughly 49 million Americans who lack health insurance.

via GOP Governors Deny The Poor Health Care In Opposing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion.

I don’t know why our Government thinks this is ok? People living way below the poverty line still don’t and will not have access to health care even under the Healthcare “Reforms”! I checked to see what my premium would be as a self-employed, self-pay insurance purchaser….$600 a month! I will get penalized if I don’t purchase insurance but I still can’t afford it on my own! Corporations who are cutting their employees hours to circumvent the new “reforms” disgust me and I will be doing a personal boycott of these brands (ex. Olive Garden). Where is the reform? I personally don’t see any! But what I do see is a lot of abuse of people who have no voice from so-called health providers. Case in point is my best friend who suffers from Lupus and all the complications that entails. She went into the hospital 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving for routine test and follow-up and ending up in the ICU because of incompetent people who are supposedly sworn to do no harm! They ignored multiple cries for help and she nearly died! I can’t go into major detail yet because of possible litigation  but suffice it to say, this is what millions face everyday because they cannot afford to go to a hospital or doctor who isn’t just drawing a paycheck from the insurance companies not to treat people! Like Laura Johnson, my best friend also lost her ability to work because of her illness. She didn’t want to give up her livelihood but her body had other ideas. She too was denied and continues to be denied Medicaid because they claim she makes too much in SSDI. The amount she makes is commiserate with the earnings she made for a lifetime of putting up with stupid people and situations on a daily basis which isn’t very much. She, by definition, is the poorest of the poor also. I take care of her because she cannot afford a home health aid to assist her. She doesn’t pay me because her meager SSDI barely covers rent, utilities, food, and her medications. We were born and raised in Texas and we used to be proud to say that but now in light of all the heartless decisions being made by our richy-rich Governor, we don’t shout it from the roof-tops any longer. It’s a sad fact that hard-working Americans, who have always been able to make their way, are now finding themselves on the losing end of political machinations that are only harming this great nation of ours! Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is threatened because NO ONE has money anymore due to loss of jobs and other income (retirement eaten by greed). One can’t have a LIFE (which includes health, shelter, food) without money. LIBERTY is null when the people are no longer represented by those who care about them. PURSUING HAPPINESS has a direct correlation to LIFE which again, one can’t have WITHOUT MONEY! Some might say, “SHE MUST BE A DEMOCRAT”. I say I am an American FED UP with all the fighting between the “two-party system” we supposedly still have! I don’t think we do anymore. It’s no longer about Democrat versus Republican. It’s about America and how we are failing in the basic rights guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution. Until the folks in charge figure this out, no one will have access to anything they need and The United States of America will fall into 3rd World status at the rate we are going now!

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Why I am no longer a fan of Madonna…

  • February 27, 2012
    • Attempted Ticket Purchase via Ticketmaster a.k.a. TicketMonster. My computer is fired up and ready at 10 am. 10:00:30 SOLD OUT! WTF?!?!?!?!? They sell out in 30 seconds? I’m in total shock!
    • Several calls made to TicketMonster to request disabled seating. NO ONE called me back with any kind of confirmation until 9p. They couldn’t get me 2 seats together! My wheelchair bound best friend and I couldn’t be seated together and they were sorry but happy to sell me the seats they could find. They advised trying another online source.
    • Tickets purchased via VIVID Tickets but upon receipt of tickets find they say Ticketmaster . TicketMonster sold tickets to VIVID a.k.a. BIG GIANT SCALPER! $632.51 is the total I had to pay to see Madonna a.k.a. MEDUSA!
  • October 19, 2012 – We get the cancellation notice!
    • Medusa cancelled the show due to “severe laryngitis“. I call Bullsh**! I have been singing all my life (but never seeking fame) and I have suffered severe laryngitis (currently suffering) and it takes more than 36 hours to get over it! Medusa hasn’t liked or been to Dallas in over 20 years and I feel it was just an excuse to screw people who have been loyal and could care less about her political feelings about Texas!
    • I returned tickets to BIG GIANT SCALPER OCTOBER 22, 2012 and they claim to have processed my refund 2 days after concert October 24, 2012.
  • October 26, 2012
    • I called WELLS FARGO a.k.a. BIG GIANT CROOKS (mortgage fraud, usurious fees) to check and see if the money had posted. BIG GIANT CROOKS claim they have not received any refund information as of OCTOBER 26, 2012. The idiot agent tells me to call back on MONDAY OCTOBER 29, 2012 to file a claim if it hasn’t posted by then.
    • I go into my local branch to speak with someone and was told they have gotten the same complaints but no fraud involved (I beg to differ) so no claim can be filed. I’m also told they can’t trace the refund either! I called BIG GIANT SCALPERS and they claim BIG GIANT CROOKS received the refund information Friday OCTOBER 26, 2012
  • October 31, 2012
    •  BIG GIANT SCALPERS offered to fax their record of receipt they received from BIG GIANT CROOKS. I called BIG GIANT CROOKS back and was informed there is no place to fax it and I just have to wait which could take up to 3 weeks (see graphic above)! In this digital age, it should not take 3 weeks to receive funds back into my account that were electronically transferred to begin with. The money has to take the same electronic route back into my account so why does it take longer to return that route back into my account(apparently 3 weeks) than to leave my account into the merchants (less than 48 hours)? Needless to say, this will be the last concert ticket purchase via TicketMonster or ANY of their affiliates!

She ISN”T a native Texan! Of Course it’s HOT in Texas and things can and do get burned here!


Ok all you Dallas Cowboy Fans….SMH….This dumbass must not be a native Texan cuz we all know in Texas, during the summer, you can fry an egg on the pavement! Details here:–spt.html I blame the dumbass woman who sued McDonald’s over hot coffee! That started a tidal wave of STUPID lawsuits! When will it all end??? When will the courts say ENOUGH with the frivolous lawsuits! I’m not a fan of Jerry Jones but I hope he refuses to pay her a penny! I hope COMMON SENSE prevails! But sadly, it probably won’t!