Change (Don’t Change)

Yin/Yang Balance of Life

Don’t be afraid to change

(Don’t change that smile)

Change means growth

(Don’t change your hair)

Change can be good

(Don’t change your body)

Change is fulfilling

(Don’t change your loving spirit)

Change for you

(Don’t change your quiet strength)

Change for the better

(Don’t change for me)


I want…

I Want…
Someone to say good morning to
Someone to say good night
Some to text when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night
I want…
Someone to laugh with
Someone to smile
Someone to just to cuddle for a little while
I want…
Someone who let me love them
And return a feeling or two
I want someone like you.

~Karen Fields

Thought for the day….

I’m not sure where I heard this variation but it rings true…When one door closes, leave a window open so good can come back in! I’ve gone through a lot lately and I was reminded of this sentiment today! One of my closest friends is going through hell and she is trying to buy a ticket on the bitter train! I told her NO! You shouldn’t do that because it robs us of our future blessings. It’s ok to mourn what you are losing but don’t dwell and let bitterness fester. Don’t become jaded! It’s hard to overcome the dark thoughts that creep in but it can be done with support from loving friends and family. Hang on and lean on those who care and leave off the ones that don’t! We are not perfect humans but striving to do the right thing and loving thy neighbor in spite of themselves is a task I am willing to keep fighting for! I will keep passing on the good shown me and try to avoid spreading the bad! I encourage all of you to do the same!