My Thoughts on Racism Part Two

You know that line “funny thing happened on the way to the forum”…well a not-so-funny thing happened a couple of weeks ago that just left me floored. I soul-searched and consulted a few folks that I consider family and they thought I should let it go. But, I’m NOT ELSA and I can’t let it go! In light of the continued “discussions” about race relations in America I MUST share what happened:

I found out a so-called friend had been spreading a viciously criminal rumor that I drugged him and stole money from him. Anyone who claims to know me wouldn’t believe such foolishness yet, some people did and cut me out of their lives. I confronted him and was hoping for an explanation or apology but after a heated exchange he finalized the demise of our acquaintance when he responded with the following text message:

















It seems folks don’t understand that this kind of treatment has been a part of my life since and before I was born and where as I can slough off most of it, this cut deeply because this person claimed to be my friend. It made me wonder how many of my other friends might be harboring this kind of venom waiting to spew it when I said or did something they deemed wrong. Some folks think because I am “light-skinned” that somehow I had it easy. WRONG! I had it worse because I got this type of treatment from both sides of the racist issue. My own race would taunt me saying I was trying to be white because I spoke grammatically correct English, call me a sell-out, and Uncle Tom’s bitch. Other races would refer to me as nigger bitch, black bitch, Queen-Kong bitch (because I’m supposed to be descendent from apes, etc.) and any other name they could think of except my given name of Karen. Racism has been a part of the American tapestry for hundreds of years and doesn’t seem to be letting up. I am not posting about this to garner sympathy or pity. I am posting this to show people there is racism and hatred out there that isn’t going away. Every time I read a moronic post about there being no racism, my stomach turns! I remember every slur, the physical violence I endured at the hands of people in authority, classmates, and strangers. I remember the feeling of shame and doubt that permeated my life for a long time before a few good people helped me realize that not everyone holds such disdain for people “different” from them. They helped me overcome any doubts as to my worth and made me realize my contributions to this planet are as valuable as anyone’s. I don’t hate this person for throwing those nasty and hurtful words my way. I feel sorry for him. He will never realize how much he is losing by being a loser. What’s worse is he is a gay man and always cries when people hurl gay slurs at him. Another reason this behavior was so shocking. I’ve said it before and I will say it until I die: It is my prayer for him and the world that discrimination becomes a thing of the past and we realize we all bleed red, die, and turn to dust and all this turmoil over race is really all about the $green$!