FaithbyDesignPs.23 Handmade Rosaries from recycled jewelry

Generally available Marian image created in th...

Generally available Marian image created in the 1880s. The white circular text in the halo reads: “Je suis l’Immaculée Conception” (French for “I am the Immaculate Conception”). From Jtdirl’s collection. Copyright long expired. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I began making rosaries in the Fall of 2010. I needed a 45th Wedding Anniversary gift for two people who had everything. So, they being Catholic and me being Catholic, I thought a rosary in the anniversary color (sapphire) would appropriate. I couldn’t find an already made sapphire rosary so I decided to make one. I thought how hard could it be? Turns out it wasn’t! I went to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn’s Fabrics to find beads. Luckily, they were on sale and I was able to get all the supplies I needed. I even had enough left over to make a tie pin as well. I thought my rosary making days were over once I completed that set. But I was wrong. I was in the process of moving back to Texas and one of my really good friends I acquired while living in Nevada, wanted some thing to remember me by. Turns out, she too is Catholic. Then it hit me! I could use an old necklace or two to make her a rosary! I happened to have a matching silver bead  necklace set that I didn’t wear because it was so tangled it would have broken if I tried to fix it. So, I took it apart and I had enough beads to make the rosary. I had it blessed and gave it to her and told her every time she prayed I hoped she thought of me because I made from parts of me. I thought that would be the last rosary I made but alas it wasn’t. In the Fall of 2012, I was assaulted and almost killed. Ones faith gets tested in times of trouble and this situation was a true test of my faith and patience! But God is merciful and good and he sent me a message to stay strong. I had the feeling I needed to make another rosary so I broke out my jewelry and proceeded to make more rosaries. I started going to thrift shops and garage sales to find more necklaces. As I was making these rosaries, The Blessed Mary appeared to me and I thought I had lost my mind. A sense of peace came over me and I knew I would get through the turmoil by making these rosaries. I didn’t sit down and design them or put together specific color schemes. It just came to me. I still never know what I am going to create until it is done. I have found if I try to design one it breaks and beads go everywhere. So, I just let the divine inspiration flow. I do not tell this story to preach or convert anyone to Catholicism but to inspire people to find their own truth and start or restart a spiritual journey. I firmly believe if we don’t believe in something, we will fall for anything. In a broken world, we all need guidance and support which doesn’t always come from our fellow-man! If it wasn’t for rosary making, I would have wallowed in the misery of the assault and not been able to overcome and help in the fight against violence against women and children. If you would like information on how to obtain one of these beautiful creations, get one custom-made,  or just need a prayer partner, please fill out the form and I will contact you as soon as I am able. Thank you for allowing me to share my life!

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