Women Equality Day

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It’s supposed to be #WomensEqualityDay. But I do not feel very equal. #NationalDogDay is trending higher than #EqualRightsForWomen. I even posted a pic of my dog Mocha on Instagram. But it’s saddens me that she has more rights and protections than women do in this country and around the world. Why is that? Women have been fighting for equal standing since Adam and Eve! I have said it once and I will say it again, NO ONE HELD A GUN TO ADAMS HEAD AND MADE HIM EAT THE APPLE!!


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When will the struggle for women end? Without women, we have no civilization. Women keep the population going! Men can’t carry babies and I have yet to see anything outside of a science fiction movie about babies being born outside a woman’s womb! So, I ask again and again why are women paid less? Why are women treated like cattle? Actually, cattle are probably treated better! Why do women continue to suffer at the hands of men who rape, beat, molest, and disparage on every turn? Why? Women throughout history have proven themselves equal to any task put before them. Women have proven over and over they can handle any crisis equally, if not better than men! Lastly, WHY is there even a competition between men and women in the first place? Both genders have to co-exist for the world to turn! So, can we PLEASE STOP THIS LUDICROUS WAR AGAINST WOMEN???


Change (Don’t Change)


Yin/Yang Balance of Life

Don’t be afraid to change

(Don’t change that smile)

Change means growth

(Don’t change your hair)

Change can be good

(Don’t change your body)

Change is fulfilling

(Don’t change your loving spirit)

Change for you

(Don’t change your quiet strength)

Change for the better

(Don’t change for me)



It is said that a house where the “Rose of Jericho” is kept, will be a blessed house!

Why did I find you like the same?

Why did I find you’re not ashamed?

Why do we smile when we say each other’s name?

Why must we continue this cat and mouse game?

Why can’t we say what we feel, and go after our love with the utmost zeal?

Why is the question of the day, but what would be the answer you’d say?

My Easter Prayer (forgot to post here!)

I pray for my friends and their families whether they need it or not or believe in it or not.
I pray for my family and their friends whether they need it or not or believe in it or not.
I pray for forgiveness from my family and their friends whether they reciprocate or capitulate.
I pray for forgiveness from my friends and their families whether they capitulate or reciprocate.
I ask God to bless one, bless all and that we all remain saved from the fall.
Karen L. Fields Easter 2014

I want…

I Want…
Someone to say good morning to
Someone to say good night
Some to text when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night
I want…
Someone to laugh with
Someone to smile
Someone to just to cuddle for a little while
I want…
Someone who let me love them
And return a feeling or two
I want someone like you.

~Karen Fields

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