Real Talk! Plain Talk! You MEN FOLK ( I’m from Texas and I’m a little fussy right now) have a SUPER BAD HABIT of ignoring the signs when you might be sick or getting sick! This is why insurance  is cheaper for you and why you die quicker than women! But I am here to tell you, that “I can push through it” attitude isn’t cool and should be scrubbed from your psyche! It isn’t fair to those of us who have to take care of your raggedy butts! Y’all act like the world is ending when you get a hang nail! So, can you imagine how y’all would act, God forbid, if you had a heart attack, cancer, or stroke??? Well I do! It’s not cool! Patience goes out the door and y’all get mad when things don’t happen at the speed of yesterday! While y’all are acting like that, you are forgetting that YOUR STUBBORNNESS is what got you in the mess you may be currently in or may find yourself in!

My Advice to Men

Let me give you a couple pieces of advice:

1. Get REGULAR CHECK-UP’S – I know some of you may not have insurance. Trust me, I know how you feel on that! BUT DO NOT IGNORE ANY SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS! Save a few pennies for your doctors visit. I know you have at least one day off a week that you can take to go see a doctor or go to one of those neighborhood clinics. Request a physical to see what the state of your health is.

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Exercise…it does the body good! Photo Wiki Commons

2. EXERCISE and HEALTHY DIET– Once you have found out what may or may not be ailing you, adopt a new lifestyle. PRAY you don’t have anything life-threatening that can’t be fixed with a balanced diet and exercise.You don’t have to join a fancy gym or hire a nutrition expert. Limit your bread and potato intake. Add more fish, chicken, and fresh veggies to your diet! WALK! Just WALK! That’s great exercise! It covers all your body parts. If you want muscular definition, get a few free weights or use the internet to find muscle-building exercises that won’t break the bank or your back!

Mens Health

Healthy Diet
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If y’all do these two SIMPLE things, your wives, girlfriends, children, and friends will love ya!! They will appreciate not having to rush y’all to the emergency room because your heart may be shredding or your face is melting from a stroke! So, do us all a favor and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Please and thank you!

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Study hints at dramatic link between pesticide DDT and Alzheimer’s –


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This upsets me on so many levels. My Mom was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she spent her life trying to eat healthy for a longevity. I also read an article that links gluten to Alzheimer’s as well. She ate lots of fruits and veggies (imported from foreign lands laced with DDT) and whole grains (of which contain gluten) and now she is losing all cognitive functions and memories of a life well lived.

Excerpt from L.A. Times [Scientists have discovered a link between DDT and Alzheimer\’s disease – In a small but intriguing study, researchers found that, on average, people with Alzheimer\’s disease had more of the DDT metabolite DDE in their blood serum than a control group in a similar age range.\”DDE can last in the body for a number of years,\” said lead author Jason Richardson of Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. \”When you are looking at DDE levels, it is basically a snapshot of a person\’s lifetime exposure to DDT as well as DDE in the environment.\”The findings were published in the journal JAMA Neurology. via Study hints at dramatic link between pesticide DDT and Alzheimer’s –]

So, all those years of eating healthy has actually harmed her! Am I angry? YES! Who do I blame? Oh that list is too long to print here! Let’s just say, mass production hasn’t benefited this country in the least! Artificial everything has caused a myriad of health issues that we didn’t see prior to corporate farms and mass production! Companies like Monsanto have contributed to the overall decline of this nation. It is obscene and we should be ashamed. If, I let my conspiracy theorist flag fly, I could go on for days linking all the diseases we are inundated with back to corporate corruption and lackadaisical government action! But that is for another day. For this article, I am just venting my frustration that I have been robbed of my Mom’s golden years! The wisdom that comes with age and experience is slowly slipping away. Yes, she is being robbed as well. She won’t get to enjoy seeing her grand-children graduate from college nor see her first great-grandchild start kindergarten. Angry! VERY ANGRY! It is my wish, hope, and prayer that pharma will quit profiting off people’s suffering and start helping people. I want them to loosen their grip and allow holistic ways of food and medicine to return to a time our ancestors enjoyed without all the chemicals and other crap they add to our food and water supply! I’m sure our ancestors had medical issues to contend with but not on this level! I implore you, if you haven’t already, to start living naturally again. You can’t stop death but the way you live until that time is something completely in your control. Take back your health and live the way Earth intended!

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Check out the my article on the Slow- Carb Diet that I did for online sites who shall remain nameless. I posted it on Blirt because it is a great resource for folks who may want to lose a few inches and become a bit healthier.

Connection Between Height and Cancer

heightandcancerAlways wished you were tall? Well, that may not be a genetic plus.

Research published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found a surprising connection between height and cancer risk among postmenopausal women.

The researchers studied more than 20,000 women ages 50 to 79, who participated in the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study, a continuous analysis of post menopausal women and the factors that contribute to their health. They separated the women into five groups based on their height, starting with women shorter than 5 feet 1 inch, and matched them to data on their cancer rates.

They discovered that for every 10 centimeters of height, a woman’s risk of developing a range of different cancers increased by 13%. When they looked at all the cancers together, they found that taller women had a 13% to 17% greater risk of developing melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and colon cancer. They also had a 23% to 29% greater risk of developing kidney, rectum, thyroid and blood cancers.  All of the cancers showed a connection with how tall the women were; none of the taller women showed a lower risk of cancer compared to their shorter counterparts.

While the connection seems odd, previous studies have uncovered the same connection; it’s possible, for example, on basic levels, the larger number of cells and tissues that taller people have simply increases the odds that some of those cells will develop abnormally and become malignant. In other words, some of the same processes that fuel height may also the feed tumors.

Geoffrey Kabat, a senior epidemiologist in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University pointed out that it makes sense the hormones or other growth factors that influence height may also influence cancer risk. Some of those common factors may be genetic, while others could be linked to environmental exposures or nutrition early in life.

“[The association between height and cancer] raises some interesting biological questions, and investigators can come up with [new] explanations,” says the study’s senior author, Dr. Thomas Rohan, the chair and professor of epidemiology and population health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The study doesn’t imply that cancer is inevitable for every tall woman it just found a connection. It doesn’t have a cause-and-effect relationship. And it’s unlikely that diseases as complex as cancer can be traced to just one human process such as growth.

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Sunscreen Spray Warning- Avoid Open Flame

flammable sunscreenOf course Summer is just about over but we still encounter the sun on a daily basis. Folks who work outside for a living and kids who play outdoor sports well into the Fall are at risk for sun damage. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning about sunscreen spray. The FDA recently became aware of five separate incidents in which people wearing sunscreen spray near open flame suffered burns that required medical treatment. The sunscreen spray contains flammable ingredients, most common of which is alcohol. There are many products on the market that contain alcohol such as hairspray, insect repellents and even non-spray sunscreens. These products do contain warnings use near open flame but the sunscreen spray ignited after application. The source of the ignition varied from lighting a cigarette, standing too close to a lit citronella candle, approaching an open grill, and in one case someone welding. These incidents suggest that catching fire is possible even if sufficient time has passed after application and the skin feels dry.

Sunscreen Is Necessary

Spending time in the sun increases our risk of skin cancer and rapid aging. Skin cancer affects more than 3.5 million people annually. Regular use of sunscreen is a must especially between 10a.m. and 2 p.m. the hottest part of the day. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a value of at least 15 or higher combined with other sun protection such as sunglasses, long-sleeve shirts, and hats, decreases the risk.

Sun Safety

To stay safe when using sunscreen spray, do the following:

  • Read the label to see if there is a flammable warning. If there is, choose another type or brand. Although no children were harmed in these incidents, it is especially important to check the label because children may get near an open flame source.
  • Think about the outdoor area where you will be applying and wearing the sunscreen spray. Avoid grills, candles, cigarettes, or other sparking materials such as sparklers on the 4th of July.
  • Do not apply the sunscreen spray or any other flammable substance near an open flame.

Alcohol Free Sunscreen

I didn’t find any alcohol-free sunscreens listed on the FDA website. So, I did my own research. There are very few alcohol-free products out there. Sunscreen is no exception. However, I discovered a brand made in Canada called Kinesys. Kinesys touts itself as a SPF 30 oil-free and alcohol-free sunscreen spray with Avobenzone manufactured as Parsol 1789. Parsol 1789 is an ingredient that is supposed to absorb all UVA rays. All the reviews seem to be positive and I didn’t find any complaints. The other product I found is called Deter Insect Repellant with SPF 20. I didn’t see alcohol on the ingredient list for this product, however they do have some on their product page.

So, enjoy your time in the sun but remember sun safety and protection now needs extra precaution!

Chemo Cold Caps


Chemo Cold Caps

chemo cold cap is a new device that stands to pull focus away from one of the most important aspects of Cancer treatmentsHair loss. Our hair makes us feel special and defines our sense of style. But what do you do when you lose your hair to a disease? A lot of diseases affect the body but none have a head -to-toe effects like Cancer. About 1,660,290 new cases of Cancer will be diagnosed in 2013 (American Cancer Society). Those people facing this terrible disease won’t be able to hide it because the treatments causing hair loss. Cancer hair loss, also known as Chemotherapy-induced alopecia, the main side-affect of Cancer, may now be a preventable one with these chemo cold caps.


In simple terms, super-cold temperatures, delivered via these chemo cold caps, would slow the blood flow to the hair follicles, thus preventing the chemotherapy drugs from attacking the hair. These chemo cold caps have been sold all over the world and are gaining popularity here in the U.S. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the concept for use in the U.S. but that has not stopped Cancer patients using them. However, using non-FDA approved products is at ones own risk. Chemo cold caps can be ordered online from several companies. I discovered one company seeking FDA approval in order to market this as a medical device and have it covered by insurance. That company is Sweden’s Dignitana. Their product, patented under DigniCap™, held clinical trials in Scandinavia, Russia, and Japan and results showed eight out of ten patients kept their hair and a wig was not necessary. The U.S. is well on its way to getting this device on the market because the FDA has ordered studies to determine the viability of these cold caps.

The average cost for each unit is around $500. The demand is there but since insurance doesn’t cover the cost, there is a foundation that has emerged to assist patients wanting to use the chemo cold caps.  Cold Caps Assistance Project (CCAPS) is a non-profit group located in Austin, Texas founded by a Cancer survivor who used chemo cold caps during her treatment. Even though she experienced hair loss after the first chemo treatment, the cold cap therapy prevented further damage. In addition to providing funding, CCAPS helps educate the medical community on the benefits of using this device.

Someday there will be a cure for Cancer but until then, any medicine or medical device created to ease the pain and suffering, is a welcome addition to this fight!