Compassion and Empathy: It’s a Good Thing!

Compassion and Empathy

Compassion and Empathy

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle~Plato.

Never in my life did I think the trials I am currently facing would ever happen. Everyone says it is all in God’s plan and I am meant for greatness. Have faith and patience. OK!! But folks forget that faith isn’t a singular endeavor. Patience isn’t a single endeavor. It takes crowd support and like minded folks to help build and maintain faith and patience. It’s part of the human purpose to join together in unity right? The founders (plural) of our nation didn’t do it alone. So, I am rallying the troops and telling you all I CAN’T SUCCEED ON MY OWN! I MUST HAVE SUPPORT AND A CHEERING SECTION! It’s not being negative or pessimistic. Its LIFE! People who feel alone and without support often end up killing themselves. Those left behind wonder why they didn’t reach out for help! But they did and no one listened or came to their rescue. Reach out and listen. Offer to brainstorm solutions but don’t get upset if someone doesn’t think it may be a viable option. Chances are they may have investigated those options multiple times without success and may feel going down that road again is pointless. I have a few people in my life right now who have listened and empathized with me because they too have experienced similar trials. But it isn’t necessary for you to have been through hard times to show compassion and understanding. Being compassionate and understanding is also part of the human purpose. One word has replaced those two words: SELFISHNESS! Seems the world is stuck on selfish and has forgotten that are not by ourselves on this planet. We are surrounded by other life forms be it of the human, animal, or plant variety. I haven’t forgotten and I won’t let other folks forget it either! I ask for help when needed but a lot of folks don’t know how. So, I repeat: REACH OUT TO SOMEONE AND ASK THEM HOW THEY ARE! REALLY MEAN IT! DON’T JUST SAY IT FOR THE SAKE OF SMALL TALK! That only hurts the person and hinders progress. If you are that person who needs the help, accept it with  love and grace. Try not to let pride get in the way. I know it’s hard. BELIEVE ME! You can’t let yourself become jaded and think the person helping has a hidden agenda. There are still people out there that really are truly selfless and really want to be of service to their fellow humans. Like the quote says, we are all fighting the same battle. Let’s fight together. Not each other! Let compassion and empathy be the rule in this battle we call life!


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