UN-Friendly Chevrolet


Getting ready for my test drive at the State Fair of Texas

I went to the State Fair and test drove the Stingray and the Chevy Cruze. I liked the Chevy Cruze so I decided to take Chevrolet up on their offer to extend my test drive at one of the local dealerships. Friendly Chevrolet was the closest location and convenient on my way home. For my troubles, I would get a $50 gift card of my choice. So, I decided to stop because I thought it wouldn’t take that long. I arrived around 3:30p and left around 7:30ish. I was met by a salesman who was new to the location so I don’t hold anything against him. I told him why I was there and he went to get a form for me to fill out that would enable me to get the gift card. I test drove the Turbo Diesel and regular versions of the Cruze and I decided to shoot for the regular version. I told the salesman I wasn’t ready to purchase because I wanted to save a little more money in addition to trading in my Trailblazer. He said OK and I was getting ready to leave and another man walked up and was introduced to me as a manager. He said it wouldn’t hurt to see where my credit is at and how much I would need to put down with my trade in. I said OK but my credit sux because life happens. He tells me to just keep an open mind and see what happens. So, I said OK and let him run everything. I told him my income, etc. and was honest with them in every way possible. I didn’t pad my income or any other information asked of me. So, I was surprised and a bit shocked when he came back and said I was approved for $424 a month for 72 months with $500 on my trade if I could come up with $1000 down. He said I had 28 days to decide and get the funds and I should make it a Christmas present to myself. I sat for a minute to think and I asked what if I can’t? He said no worries. I would still be approved. Then they asked me if I had a blank check. I said no. I don’t use checks. He left me to think a few minutes more. He came back and brought with him the finance manager and he says to me if I can get you approved no money down, $448 a month the trade could I do it? I told them early on that my limit was $425 max. So, a few more minutes went by and the finance guy come back in and says I can do $426, 72 months, no money down, just your trade. I said done and done. The other two salesmen shake my hand and congratulate me and tell me I can go clean out my Trailblazer and they would have me on the road in my new car shortly. An hour passes and I have all my stuff sitting with me in the dealership lobby and the next thing I know, yet another finance guy comes to me and asked me if I could provide proof of income. I told the other two and the first finance guy I didn’t have my pay stubs but I could fax them over the next day.They said OK but this new person is telling me they need it before they can finance the car. So, I wait some more and then the first two guys come back and start giving me a line about needing a cosigner. I asked why did it take three hours to tell me that after I was already told I was approved for no money down? No answer. They just said be right back and never came back until it was time for them to take my stuff back to my Trailblazer. I was told at that time I needed $2000 down with my trade but they were waiting on a call from another lender who would finance me. They said I could go home because there was no point in waiting any longer and they would call me in the morning. It was the most humiliating experience I have had in a long time. I just went in for a simple test drive to get my gift card! I missed my virtual class for this B.S.! My question is why do that to people? Why get their hopes up with lies and then squash them in front of the public like that? Do car salesmen and dealerships derive some sick twisted pleasure in humiliating people???? If I decide to buy the Chevy Cruze, I WON’T BE DOING IT AT “FRIENDLY” CHEVROLET!!! I will go anywhere but there! It almost makes me want to kick my history with Chevy to the curb all together! Honda, KIA, Dodge, hell even Ford is looking like better options than Chevy at this point! If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, don’t go there!


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