National Labor Relations Board Is Set To Expire!

The National Labor BoardCorporate America is on the cusp of a major victory: the total destruction of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the agency charged with protecting the rights of workers organizing for better conditions on the job.

For five years, Senate Republicans have blocked President Obama’s nominees to the labor board. Next month, the term of a current board member will expire — leaving the NLRB without a quorum and unable to act. Time is running out.

But there’s a solution to this problem: Keep corporations and their Republican allies in the Senate from destroying the NLRB by fixing the broken filibuster that a handful of senators are using to block these key nominations.

You’ve already taken a stand by signing our petition. Now it’s time to call your senators and tell them to fix the filibuster to save the National Labor Relations Board before it’s too late.

Just dial 1-888-717-0911. When you are connected, say “I’m calling to ask the Senator to confirm all five nominees to the NLRB. And if that vote is blocked, I’m asking the Senator to vote to change the rules for nominations.”

By a simple majority vote, 51 Democrats can fix the filibuster so it can’t be used to stop nominations. Without this change, the NLRB could effectively go extinct, leaving workers with no protections whatsoever from employer intimidation or illegal union-busting tactics.

The filibuster wasn’t created to give the minority party complete control of government, and it certainly wasn’t created to stop government from functioning altogether.

Senate Democrats have two choices: fix the filibuster or allow the wholesale destruction of the NLRB. It shouldn’t be a hard choice.

Call now: 1-888-717-0911. 

Give Us 5 NLRB Members
501 Third Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

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Beth Allen Online Communications Director


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