Oh Happy Day!


Oh happy day, I had the best day today! I was low on gas, food, money, plus many other reasons to be grumpy and it just didn’t matter! I met the nicest people who renewed my faith in humanity. I truly felt love from people who I didn’t think cared. I communicated with someone I find hard to deal with. I didn’t take personally someone taking their bad day out on me! I had the biggest hotdog ever couple with massive mounds of tater tots smothered in chili and cheese! Just when we think God isn’t listening, he surprises us with a few of out favorite Earthly things and makes it all better! To top it all off, I am now a contributing writer to a revamped online magazine launching soon. I get to sit on my backside and earn money while doing it! I will let you all know when my first post is live!  My epithet will read “roller coaster” with the way my life goes but I truly am thankful for everything I have and don’t have! I’m just trying to enjoy the ride the best I can.


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