Go See Man of Steel!

If you haven’t seen Man of Steel #manofsteel yet, WTF are you waiting on??? An engraved invitation??? OMG! This is the BEST flick since the late, great Christopher Reeve hit the screen! I must confess that I had a hard time paying complete attention to the storyline because of all the hotties on the screen but I got most of it! I smell a complete rebirth of the franchise in Henry Cavill! THIS MOVIE ROCKED! Henry Cavill was smoldering! I literally was on the edge of my seat! I won’t tell any plot points because I want you to go see it! Amy Adams made a perfect Lois Lane! Laurence Fishburne rocked as Perry! And who doesn’t love Christopher Meloni and Russell Crowe?!!? Entertainment Weekly needs to hire me to review their movies because the nitwit (Chris Nashawaty) who reviewed it gave it a C! He isn’t a true fan and he probably liked Ishtar! I recommend it and I will be seeing it again!


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