My cellphone took a vacation!

I spent the day remembering what it was like before we had smartphones, etc.! It was actually kinda nice! Ok, so I still have my computer to communicate with my public but locally, I am off the grid! I sent out messages to a few key people on how to reach me if needed. But for the most part, I am off the grid! WOOO HOOO! My phone may be gone as long as 20 days! Oh what will I do? Oh I know PEACE AND QUIET! Remember that? In just a few short hours my head had stopped hurting and I could feel my blood pressure go down. Could you survive without your phone? Test your fortitude! I dare you!


3 thoughts on “My cellphone took a vacation!

  1. Day 273: Off the Grid | Blogging the 500 days to 50 years

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