New Lupus Drug Benlysta Approved

First New Lupus Drug in 56 Years; Reduces Lupus Activity, May Cut Steroid Need

via New Lupus Drug Benlysta Approved.

This article was written in 2011 yet, the team of “doctors” that treated my friend had not even heard of this drug! Of course she was in the county hospital through no fault of her own (via corporate greed she lost her job) and had to rely of sub par healthcare. One would think, being treated at a county facility shouldn’t prevent someone from getting life saving drugs. But it does because most new drugs that come on the market are not in their formulary and would take months even years to get approval to be used. It takes a committee to even get pain medication ordered. I’m not even sure if Obamacare will make a difference in these types of situations. My friend was told repeatedly that some Lupus drugs could cause or increase her risk of cancer. Also not true! There are articles below that clearly outline how and why this isn’t true. But on the county hospital level, I don’t think they read the latest research. Not sure if it is because they do not have the time or just don’t care to. Whatever the reason, we need to be diligent in researching because doctors will not always be on top of the latest and greatest treatments and it is up to us, the caregiver or family members to help the doctor treat the ones we love. Fight to save their life or quality of life! Never back down!


One thought on “New Lupus Drug Benlysta Approved

  1. We completed the Walk For Lupus 2013 | In Memoriam: Leticia M. Rodriguez

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