When and how did I become unqualified to work for a previous employer?

I received this rejection email today from a previous employer. What part of my credentials and qualifications are no longer a match for the position applied for? I was an International Travel Consultant for them for a long while and suddenly I am no longer qualified???? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!!! Can someone PLEASE explain this to me! Is it because I went and got a Masters Degree? I figured that would improve my skill level and paycheck! But all it has done is make me unemployable! I have an email folder FULL of rejections from former employers and new potential ones. Some say I am over qualified and some say I am not qualified enough! Never in my wildest dreams would I think my education would hold me back! It just convinces me that the world is now run by stupid people! All the values and moral code I have lived by my entire life is now null and void! But guess what? I refuse to give in and lower my standards or take my education off my resume! I refuse to dumb it down! I guess one of these days someone will find my skill level worth having and I will get the perfect job that I will never want to leave! Until then, I soldier on!



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