God Appears in the Most Unlikely Places

As I prepare to bury my best friend this week, I have been reflecting on the good times and trying not to dwell on the bad times and how much she suffered. James speaks of patience in suffering and faith building as a result and I take comfort in this because I know her faith was built up and mine increased as well. But I am human and I still feel the sorrow and the loss even though I know she is in Heaven. She is probably looking down on me telling me to snap out of it! But at the moment I feel I will never snap out of it. Along the journey to this week, God has placed people in my path to remind me of is goodness and mercy. I didn’t forget but it’s nice to hear from people I figure had no clue! Another instance of this happened Tuesday night at karaoke. I needed to blow off some steam and I chose the wrong song to do it. My BFF was a huge Madonna fan because she identified with Madonna on the loss of her Mom at a very early age. She felt a kindred spirit with her and always followed her music and career. So, in my silliness I chose to sing “Take A Bow” and barely got through it. These two people listening to me saw my pain and they grabbed me and hugged me and comforted me. They even prayed with me and for me. They didn’t even know me and even though I wasn’t crying at that moment, they could see my sorrow. They said exactly what I needed to hear and I went home without a heavy heart. Who could have imagined I would see God in  dive bar! Amazing! But that is God for ya! He does what he wants and when he wants. We are on his time; not the other way around! We may not always like the outcome but in his infinite wisdom, things turn out for our good and his glory! I bid peace and love to all of you!

One thought on “God Appears in the Most Unlikely Places

  1. It is during these times we can truly see the face of God.

    I’ve lost many a friend for various reasons before I came back to Christ. I understand your loss and share your pain. James is an excellent book, and, may I recommend Psalm 139.

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. My prayers are lifted up for you, your friend, and all those who are effected by this loss.

    Have your mourning, but take heart, be joyful and rejoice, sas you said she is Home. And I bet she IS telling you to snap out of it. 🙂

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