I lost my best-friend today

After a valiant battle with complications stemming from Lupus and C Diff, my best -friend Leticia Maria Rodriguez was welcomed into Heaven by God and her parents. It was a long struggle but a worthwhile one because we got closer than I ever thought possible and we remembered why we had been friends since we were 4 years old. Not only was she my friend but she was also my sister in every way. We laughed, cried, got mad at each other, and other people but we always found time to say I love you and I would die with you and for you! You always see these post about true friends won’t bail you out of jail because they are sitting beside you saying “that was fun, let’s do it again!” Well that was her and I. Peas and Carrots is what she called us. The best flavor combination of veggies! We were ride or die!  She picked me up from work at 3am and I don’t know who else would’ve done that. Especially because of where I was working (insert your own thoughts on that). Money was never an issue because we spotted each other whenever we were in need. Of course we had our down moments but again, we always found our way and said I love you and went on about our crazy lives.

During her illness, a lot of mistakes were made by medical personnel who just didn’t understand what a complicated case she was. Just because a treatment worked for a normal immune system didn’t mean it would work on an autoimmune disease patient. Autoimmune and connective tissue diseases have to be handled with kid-gloves and you can’t experiment because disastrous side effects can happen and sometime irreparable damage can be done. Lessons have been learned by all, or at least I hope they have. I don’t know where we go from here in regards to finding a cause because sometimes autopsies can still come out inconclusive. I hope it doesn’t and they can find a definitive answer to why she died. I’d ask God but I’m sure he is busy throwing back shots of tequila and beer backs with her right now.

The takeaway from this is love your friends and family as if it was their last day on Earth. Don’t go to bed angry and tell everyone how much you care for them. I would even say go beyond the words and show them. Not just one silly day a year (Valentine’s) but EVERYDAY without fail! You won’t have any regrets if you do. You won’t wonder if they knew because you will have told them many times over! Pray! Everyday! Even if it’s just simple like “God give me strength to take the day”. I think I would be more distraught if I didn’t pray and have faith that God has everything in control and his perfect plan came to fruition.

Some people may say I am crazy and in denial but I feel at peace. I did my part and carried her on through. Now I am ready for the next tasks God has for me whatever that may be. Of course I will whine and complain because I a human but I will do it anyway because that is what I know I am supposed to be doing. I am never anywhere I’m not suppose to be for whatever time and season.

Love all and keep the faith!


14 thoughts on “I lost my best-friend today

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My only sister died in her sleep this summer after suffering from Lupus for years. Her doctors and the medical examiner, in all their combined wisdom, decided there was no need for an autopsy, so I will never know exactly why she died. She had also been recently diagnosed with CVID and had started treatment (successfully) for that. She was feeling better than she had been in years. She was 51.

  2. So sorry. I lost my best friend a few months ago to murder. It was, of course, completely unexpected and one of the hardest things I have ever been through. God has been my strength throughout it all. I will be praying for you. Let yourself grieve, and give yourself time. It will be a long road. I keep telling myself that, too.

  3. In Honor of Leticia “Diva” Rodriguez | karensunhumbleopinion

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