Attention anyone suffering from Clostridium difficile (klos-TRID-e-uhm dif-uh-SEEL) or C-Diff or any gastrointestinal disasters….

Jarrow Formulas

Jarrow Formulas

All you need to get into your system is the probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii! It is the ONLY probiotic that withstands stomach acid and latches on to your digestive and intestinal tract immediately. After further research, I also discovered that most probiotics that are advertised are not effective if your immune system is already compromised so it is great for people who are immune compromised and prone to infections.  It works in conjunction with any antibiotic you may be taking. As the antibiotic kills the crud, the probiotic simultaneously replaces the good flora in your intestinal tract. It cured my BFF/Sister of the C-Diff infections in less than 2 weeks time. She had been suffering for 4 months. Only one of her doctors was on board with the treatment but he wasn’t able to implement it because “traditional medicine and practices” wouldn’t allow it in the hospital she is in. So, I did my research and all signs pointed to a 100% cure within days of taking it. I can tell you within 1 hour of her taking her first dose, the diarrhea stopped! YES! It STOPPED! Within one week her white count was normal and she was back to solid stools. They tested her again and the C-Diff the test came back negative! Her doctors were amazed! I wasn’t surprised at all because I have always used holistic treatments over pharmaceuticals and I know they work a lot of the time. Now she can get on with her recovery and regain her strength which is coming back everyday she isn’t C-Diff positive! The brand I used is Jarrow Formulas. I purchased it at The Vitamin Shoppe for $39.99 but you can purchase it online for less. I needed it right away so I didn’t mind paying top dollar! I took a couple of capsules and I haven’t had indigestion for 2 weeks! I will keep giving it to her and I will take it myself to keep my immune system intact!


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