We lost someone special and justice must be had!


Ruben Riguero

Today my heart is broken. I have lost respect and confidence in the Dallas District Attorney and police department.

To know that my friend’s, Ruben Riguero (AKA, Angelo) killer was set free without even a trial!!!! When myself and half a dozen other witnesses saw Branagan Hopkins,a drug dealer that was on parole, murder my friend for no just cause!! Why is this murderer allowed to walk among us and why is it that someone with a record of aggravated assault with the intend to kill, can carry a gun and not be punished for it, let along shoot an innocent man!? When we called the D.A office to ask about this their unofficial answer wasunfortunately when a drug dealer kills a stripper no one cares” WOW!!! Here is some news..I Care!!!The police ask me not to talk to the media because it would…

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