When will the sickness end? In Memoriam Sandy Hook Elementary

I received an email from Change.org with a disturbing picture attached of the hoodlums from Westboro Baptist church protesting at the Connecticut children’s funerals The petition is addressed to the Connecticut Legislature to ban such demonstrations from the state like Arizona did in 2011 (http://www.change.org/petitions/connecticut-legislature-please-write-and-pass-a-bill-that-deters-demonstrations-at-funerals?utm_source=action_alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=15486&alert_id=jIubrVUkkl_sXApTAHzgA). I was going to post the abhorrent picture but decided not to give those imbeciles credence in their disgusting behavior! These children and adults lost their life because some jacka@@ couldn’t take responsibility for his own actions! In this “it’s not my fault” society we created, no one can take a stand for right and justice anymore and everyone is a friggin’ victim! Usually of their own making! But the real victims have no rights and get treaded on by heartless a@@holes like Westboro! People like me, who were assaulted, have to live in fear because the law says I have no right to know the whereabouts of my attacker but he can know where I am at all times! When will the sickness end? The law told him it wasn’t his fault and made all kinds of excuses of why he needed to be placed on probation for the same offense for the 3rd time! It’s incompetence of this nature that leads to tragedies like Newton, Columbine, Aurora, and so many other places across this country who have experiences this kind of violence. It’s this kind of idiocy that continually allows the deep pockets of the gun lobby to buy Congress into inaction! Whatever happened to the Brady Bill? Did that get overturned like the assault weapons ban? I blame this nanny society on Phil Donohue, Oprah Winfrey, and all the talk show ilk who made it ok for people to ignore their behavior and blame other people for their stupid actions! Don’t get it twisted people…the actions one takes DOES affect everyone! Just check Newton’s Law! NO MAN OR WOMAN IS AN ISLAND!  If we were meant to be alone and selfish, there wouldn’t be billions of us walking around this planet! So, we have to learn to co-exist without out all the craptastic violence that keeps plaguing these modern times! Sure, we get mad at stupidity but as humans, we also have the capacity to reason and find ways to work it out without all the nonsense! Let stop the nonsense! That is all…for now!

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