Larry Hagman’s Private Memorials To Be Held In Dallas, Los Angeles

Larry HagmanNS

Larry HagmanNS (Photo credit: Dallas Film Society Images)

R.I.P Larry Hagman/J.R.Ewing…you and those brows will be missed! I had a sneaking suspicion I would get all attached again because you were on and then you would leave me! I guess Heaven needed your brilliance now! I never missed an episode of Dallas and considering it is my hometown, it made it even more special to watch. It didn’t matter that the portrayal was completely fictional! It was based in enough truth to make it interesting. I didn’t tune in for any other characters except for J.R.! I wanted to see what devilment he could get away with and still end up being the victim! The show was and is so well written that it was easy for Larry Hagman to be brilliant on-screen. I often think J.R. was a small part of Mr. Hagman’s personality. His eyes just expressed the rascal we all grew to love. The current generation only got a tinsy-weensy glimpse of Larry Hagman’s brilliance so I count myself lucky to have been born just before the second golden age of television. There’s maybe a half-dozen actors today that can match the depth Mr. Hagman showed on and off the screen. In spite of his short-comings, he managed to carve out a life and career full of golden moments that will live in the hearts and minds of people all over the world!

Larry Hagman’s Private Memorials To Be Held In Dallas, Los Angeles.

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