Inequality in Custody Disputes! Kelly Rutherford Custody Battle/Halle Berry Custody Battle

Halle Berry just lost big in court — a judge has ruled she cannot permanently move her 4-year-old daughter to France …

via Halle Berry SHUT DOWN in Custody Battle — Nahla Stays in U.S.A. |

So, let me get this straight…Halle Berry can’t move her kid to France but Kelly Rutherford is forced to fly back and forth to France because she lost custody of her kids to her possibly criminal ex-husband who isn’t even a citizen of France?!?!?!? (see Can we PLEASE REWIND HERE??? WTF??? Of course, I’m not personally involved in these custody battles but I am invested because there are children caught in the middle. The children’s well-being and safety are of the utmost importance. Kelly Rutherford, who appears to be as genuine off screen as she is on the screen, was dealt a serious blow in her custody battle because the judge felt her kids were better off in France with their father, who possibly is linked to criminal activity, has the resources to disappear completely, and has no regard for the fact small children need their mother not a nanny! The felt leaving the kids in France was a fair an equitable arrangement because their father is no longer allowed in the US because of his sheisty activities. The judge claims her schedule as an actress is flexible enough that she can fly back and forth with no problems. How assumptive of him! An actresses schedule ISN’T all that flexible especially since she is a working mother having to support her children! Her show could be cancelled and she would have to get out and audition for more work and the way Hollywood is, always looking for the next young thing, Kelly may not be as successful with a starring role as she once was! Halle Berry wants to protect her child’s privacy from the prying eyes of the paparazzi! That is a reasonable request especially when the paparazzi are responsible for all kinds of mayhem trying to get the next big shot! No judge squashes their aggravating activities but continually punish the celebrities trying to raise a family in some sort of private existence. Their children shouldn’t be fait game just because their parents choose a public profession! We don’t hound the judges children or the paparazzi’s children but maybe we should! Maybe we should give them a taste of their own medicine. I really don’t think these judges take into consideration the true facts in a case and let their personal prejudices get in the way. I don’t think they rule with true impartiality! If they did, they would have let these mothers have their children. These women aren’t abusive and love their children with all their souls. It’s almost as if they are being punished for bruising the egos of their former spouses/partners! Ridiculous attitudes and foolishness that should be stopped! In my un-humble opinion, there should be a panel made up of other parents who have been through the same thing and they should mediate and decide custody battles based on the facts and best interest of the children. Then if a reasonable agreement can’t be met, then, and only then, should a judge enter into the proceedings. I pray for both of these women and I hope the appellate judges have more sense then the initial courts mandates!


2 thoughts on “Inequality in Custody Disputes! Kelly Rutherford Custody Battle/Halle Berry Custody Battle

  1. Kelly Rutherford is pushing forward with her child custody fight (OPEN UP) Sep 1st, 2012


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