Ohio Student Suspended for Growing Out Hair to Donate | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo!

[Zachary Aufderheide has run afoul of his Ohio high school’s dress code because of his desire to grow his hair long enough to donate it to Locks of Love, an organization that provides wigs to needy children who’ve lost their hair because of medical problems.

Zachary, 17, of Canton is about an inch away from the 10 inches of hair he needs to donate to the organization. Faced with an ultimatum, the Canton South High School junior decided to accept an in-school suspension rather than cut his ponytail

via Ohio Student Suspended for Growing Out Hair to Donate | ABC News Blogs – Yahoo!.]

This kid should receive some sort of award for being a thoughtful and compassionate human being! His school and home district should foster such activities instead of punishing them! In my un-humble opinion, this punishment is symptomatic of how thoughtless and careless we have become! Instead of pulling funding from our education system, we should add more money to foster community service projects such as this. It would teach our youth about compassion, team cooperation, and other life skills needed to make it in this world! It sickens me this kid is being met with such Nazi-like ideals! Yes, I said it! There are exceptions to every rule and we shouldn’t be so stringent on trivial things such as dress codes! Yes, we need order in our schools but this kids hair isn’t hurting anyone! He is HELPING lots of someones! BOOOO SCHOOL DISTRICT! SHAME ON YOU for hindering such a good deed!



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