Why Huffington Post Thinks Poor Black Women are Ugly | Hillerie Camille

[“I wonder: Were the cast too beautiful? But who wouldn’t want to look at Emayatzy Corinealdi all day, or her hulk of a husband, or the man who later declares that he wants to be part of her future? Or her sister, Rosie, who still has the luster of youth. Even their mother seemed to me more like a high school principal than a poor black woman. Maybe their attractiveness makes them more accessible to an audience like me?”-Lloyd I. Sederer, MD Medical Director, New York State Posted: 10/12/2012 11:30 am Huffington Posthttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/lloyd-i-sederer-md/middle-of-nowhere-movie_b_1954327.html?utm_hp_ref=email_share

Here is my take on this: Dr. Sederer is not a movie critic! Although I think he may be trying to make it his backup job because of Obamacare!  He makes a lot of assumptions about being poor I assume because he either has never been poor or he has forgotten what it is like to barely have what one needs let alone what one wants! Poverty doesn’t make a distinction between beautiful and ugly. Dr. Sederer, like so many others, have fallen for Hollywood’s version of life and cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. I am beautiful by a lot of people standards because I heard it all my life and believed it but I grew up poor! I was rich in family love but poor on material possessions. Still am! I wonder if Dr. Sederer would write the same thing if this movie has Whites, or Hispanics, or Asians in it?

The link below is another take on this subject written by my cousin on her life and style blog. While you are there, look around and follow her also because she has a lot of great advice and information.

Why Huffington Post Thinks Poor Black Women are Ugly | Hillerie Camille.


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