Acknowledging Thanksgiving isn’t a thing of the past after all!

I walked into this store today (don’t want to name it so it never goes away!) and in front of me, there were Fall and Thanksgiving decorations! I gasps in amazement! I had not seen these type of decorations in a store in 20 years! I thought we had completely forgotten about Thanksgiving because American retailers go from Halloween straight to Christmas! I was hard pressed to find items to decorate for Fall and the Thanksgiving Harvest! My heart was overjoyed and I think there is still hope for America! The cashier was laughing at my reaction but I explained to her, because she wasn’t born in America, the significance of Thanksgiving. The one thing I feel this country has strayed from is being grateful. We have forgotten how to say THANK YOU! No one does anything nice without expecting something in return. This is a sad fact! Next time some does something nice for you, say thank you without expecting anything and see what happens. A simple thank you goes a long way! Maybe saying thank you will spread like wildfire and we will once again be a grateful nation.


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