BIG SHOCK: Facebook’s phone search can be abused to find people’s numbers…PC World

Attackers can abuse Facebook‘s phone search feature to find valid phone numbers and the name of their owners, according to security researchers.

via Facebook’s phone search can be abused to find people’s numbers, researchers say | PC World.

Is anyone still surprised by the fact FACEBOOK also known as FACEBORG in my circles, has become a demon on the Internet? I’m not! The minute they took privacy control completely out of the users hands, it opened itself up for a plethora of abuses! In one of my marketing classes, we learned about managing our online reputation. At the time, (little less than 2 years ago) I could group my Facebook friends as I wanted them. We were instructed at the time to place them in 3 groups: friends, acquaintances, and other. It was working out great because I could hide activity from one group and not the other. Then one day, I logged in and FACEBORG had re-grouped my groups based on geographical location! I was pissed! Did they even care how long it took me to designate people in these groups? HELL NO! There some people who I felt were acquaintances even though they lived 2 streets down and some folks I considered friends or family. But now, they were all mixed up and messed up! That was just the beginning of FACEBORG’s mayhem. When you played games, you used to be able to choose who you wished to send a request to. NOW, it automatically sends out request whether you want it to or not. The ONLY way to make all those silly game request and updates stop is to turn off all apps and websites. Well, that didn’t work for me either because I could no longer post useful articles like this one unless I cut and pasted it into a post. Now why didn’t FACEBORG keep those 2 things separate? I say just sheer laziness! Those programmers decided to shirk their responsibilities and take the low road and treat us as if we don’t know our own minds with our friend groupings and force us to play or receive nonsense game request in our news feed because they were too lazy to build separate platforms for these items! I don’t care if my friend Susan scored the highest points in Farmville 1 or 2! I don’t care if you are playing Words With Friends! Oh and the chat feature…they even screwed that up! I had to stay signed out because every time I set a group I wanted to chat with, FACEBORG would change it also! I DON’T WANT TO CHAT WITH SOME FOLKS ON SOME NIGHTS! I don’t know if the advertising revenue played a factor in FACEBORG’s lack of common sense when it came to making all these changes but I would bet my first-born it did! People flocked to FACEBOOK to get away from the juvenile ways of MySpace. At least MySpace let you control your own content! They didn’t try to tell you that you don’t know your own mind and your page really needs to be this way instead of that way. Case in point…TIMELINE! Stupidest thing since pet rocks! I tried to use the Chrome plugin that stops TIMELINE but it crashed my computer. So, I was stuck with it. With out CHOICE! Notice I have used the words choose or choice throughout this post? Yes, dear people, FACEBORG took away my choice. It is taking away your choice! It is just symptomatic of the dwindling freedom of America. But that is for another post another day. Move to Google+, Twitter, or even back to MySpace if you want your freedom of choice back! But if they go the same way, I will be signing off completely for personal socializing and use them strictly for business!


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