Why can’t Mohammed be depicted like other deities?

If we are to believe the Islamic religion is so fantastic and open, why is all depictions of Mohammed forbidden? We have depictions of what we believe Jesus looked like, Buddha, the many Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism, etc. So why? Can anyone of the Islamic faith explain this to me? In my un-humble opinion, any faith that can’t be tested, can’t be trusted! I can’t think of any religion or faith system that is as closed off as Islam is yet, we are to believe that it is a religion worth exploring. I shouldn’t have to explore it. They should be forthcoming and open as other religions and invite me in. Yet they don’t! Yes, I am fired up because our Ambassador and the others DID NOT have to perish. The film in question that started this uproar was made in America by a NON-AMERICAN who has been investigated many times and at some point convicted of criminal activity. He claims to be a part of Christian anti-Islam group but the details are muddled under all his many aliases. So, not only is he picking a fight with Islam, he started sh** in the name of Christianity which is no better than what the Extremist Islamic factions do! Yes, I am fired up! Our Wall Street hugging government did send extra war ships to water off the Libyan coast but what about all the other countries that are supposed to be our allies protesting this supposed injustice to Islam? It is funny to me how we still are expected to clean up the world but none of our “allies” are lifting a finger to help us ever! But they do quite a bit of finger-pointing! Prayer changes things so let us all pray there isn’t ANOTHER war because of some ill-perceived offense against a religion that throws stones and then hides!

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