Sticks and Stones….




Has anyone ever noticed how EVERYTHING offends these Islamic Extremist? We as Americans are constantly being accused of imposing our will all over the world yet, they are the ones blowing folks up and imposing their.craziness ALL OVER THE PLANET. If this wasn’t a pot/kettle situation I don’t know what is! Hypocrisy abounds with these people and we can’t seem to get a handle on.stemming the tide! We missed our window days after 9/11/01 to nuke all extremist. Per a military friend who I will not name said we had the right under the War Powers Act to do so even though we didn’t have a specific country to target. All we had to do was say to all of those countries who harbor terrorist and those who attacked us, to cough them up or risk a nuclear attack! That would have squashed all of this extremist bullsh**!! I checked the War Powers Act and he was right. Why write policy if you aren’t going to enforce it???



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