I remember…

I woke up knowing it was the 11th Anniversary of one of the most infamous days in American history. I approached the day in remembrance by doing my usual Tuesday routine of attending a prayer brunch with my Dad and various other activities. I felt, for the first time, in a long time, that the terrorist didn’t win and I can still go about my day in freedom doing what I want when I want. Yes, lives were lost and heros were made but all for the freedom we continue to enjoy. The terrorist didn’t win! They will never win! They only win if we give in to the terror they created that day. They only win is if we allow our freedoms to be stripped in the name of safety. They win if we forget what we Americans are made of and what this country was founded on! That is how they win. Never give up and never allow them to win! That is how I will always approach this day!


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