Psychiatrist Called Threat Team About Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes – Yahoo! News

Psychiatrist Called Threat Team About Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes – Yahoo! News.

So, let me get this straight, someone who is an expert on psychos at the University of Colorado spotted this danger and DID report it to the school but the school decided to squash it??? They were only concerned with their campus. Which is understandable but if he was a threat to the campus, logic would dictate he is a threat to others as well! I feel the university should be held accountable in the same manner as Penn State for sweeping this danger under the rug! Accountability is the key! These schools are soooo friggin’ worried about the wrong thing (MONEY) that they FAIL in an epic way time after time. Well, guess what? You will lose money anyway for not speaking up and preventing one of the most horrific crimes against this nation since 9/11! I smell lawsuits galore with the breaking of this news! I kept asking the question as to WHY someone at that school didn’t catch his behavioral issues prior to this incident. Seems someone did but didn’t care enough about their fellow humans to act on the information. What other dirty secrets are hiding in our university system? I attended Baylor University my freshman year and transferred because it wasn’t the school it purported to be. So, I wasn’t surprised when scandal broke out there because I had witnessed the very behaviors that led to a students death and the dismissal of the basketball coach. I told all who would listen but people didn’t believe me because it was Baylor! It’s supposed to be founded on Christian principles and the people who attend are supposed to be stellar human beings. Not so much! We must quit covering up the ills of our society. We must strive to do better so massacres like this won’t happen again. I am trying not to be jaded in thinking things will not change. I am trying to keep the faith that it will and we will speak up because it is in the best interest of humanity!


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