Grieving for a pet….


I wrote previously about my roommates cocker spaniel who was suffering from multiple illnesses and the vet just kept stringing her along. Well, today, Friday July 27, 2012, “Pud” passed on with help from this same vet. I guess he figured he had milked her for all he could and finally came clean that there was nothing else that could be done for him. But that was not before he tried to get us to take him home AGAIN with the same meds that did nothing for him the first few times we gave it to him. We made the gut-wrenching decision to send him to doggie heaven. I think what the vet did was criminal because he knew there was nothing that could be done a long tim ago. Yet, he kept playing on her emotions and stringing her along with false hope. Well, I think he just bought his ticket on the karma train! All aboard jackhole (thank you BravoTv’s Andy Cohen for that word)! It is obscene the way people in grief are taken advantage of-pet or human! Makes me sick! I have gone through this with a pet so I know what it feels like to be lied to and charged for care that will not fix anything and often make it worse. So, I was glad I was there to help her come to terms with what needed to be done but it doesn’t hurt any less. My heart breaks for anyone who has to endure the loss of a pet or other loved one. But I want to let you all know that you did your best and did right by your pet and there is a special place in Heaven for pet lovers! Not this vet however! That is all.



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