I’m Scratching My Head…updated 9/13/12

[I saw a report on CNN that Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban Big Gulps in New York! However, bans on military-grade assault rifles being sold to regular folk isn’t appropriate! WOW! He focuses on illegal guns yet, the psycho in Colorado purchased his gun LEGALLY! Mr. Bloomberg, your priorities are skewed! Forget about Big Gulps and QUIT trying to tell people how to live! Focus your efforts on the ban of military assault weapons and gear to non-military personnel! You ONLY need a regular handgun to protect your home and a regular rifle to kill a deer! You DO NOT NEED a gas mask or body armor to protect your home or kill a deer! But, I DO NEED A BIG GULP TO QUENCH MY THIRST IN THIS HOT TEXAS WEATHER AND TO WASH DOWN THE BIG BITE THAT GOES WITH IT! Priorities sir!]

So, Bloomberg succeeded in convincing the New York City Board of Health to pass this ban on soda containers larger than 16 ounces. Read the idiocy of this ban here: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/nyc-soda-ban-bloomberg-163224412.html

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