Penn State is fined $60 million, banned from postseason for four years and loses scholarships – Yahoo! Sports

I did a group paper during my Masters program about how corporations, and yes Penn State is an educational corporation, handle scandals that may befall them. How do they communicate with the persons involved in the scandal and the public calling for action for the scandal to be handled with justice? We concluded Penn State, like so many other scandal ridden corporations, handled it by denial, burying the story, and acting as if no wrongs were done. Well, the NCAA thought differently as did the majority of America. This is only a small step in punishing those who choose money and fame over the well-being of children or any other person not able to fend for themselves. It is sad Joe Paterno’s legacy has been tarnished but as we have seen it was a legacy built on lies and over-ups. His inaction negated any skill he showed as a coach and showed his lack of character as a man. Even until the day he died, he appeared to me to still be in denial and refusing to take any responsibility for his inaction. His families statement regarding the removal of his statue on the Penn State campus spoke volumes to me how still in denial they all are (you can read their statement here,0,539360.story). I agree with taking down the statue. It only served as a reminder of the lies and inaction by someone focused solely on gaining football glory rather than the well-being of his fellow human beings. I believe Penn State will rebound from this scandal but it will take years. Hopefully, when they emerge from these sanctions, Penn State will be more focused on education and human interaction so these atrocities will never happen again!

Penn State is fined $60 million, banned from postseason for four years and loses scholarships – Yahoo! Sports


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