Let’s not forget the apparent relaxed safety standards in these modern buildings…

…This crazy person walked into the theater under a purchased ticket, looking like everyone else around him, and headed straight for the exit door to prop it open. Whatever happened to fire exits that sounded alarms when opened? I remember growing up and every building had clearly marked exits that would sound an alarm when opened to let you know there was an emergency and evacuation was needed. Did fire safety standards change from this? Why are people allowed to exit the theater out the back door? Emergency exits should be for that purpose only! Who regulates these things? The fire marshal? If so, they dropped the ball on this one! A dinner and movie theater in my town is built so badly, it is complete chaos to get in and out. The lobby is so packed with people, you cannot tell where the line begins or ends. They have a bar that bleeds into the box office area and people stand in front of the doors because there is nowhere to sit. I only go there during the day to avoid the crowds and possible mayhem! There is no visible security anywhere on the premises. I quit going to a larger theater because people were robbed and killed in the parking lot. There were no security cameras and no proper lighting. Business went down hill and they eventually closed because people just didn’t feel safe. I feel bad for the owners of this theater chain because they didn’t have the forethought to examine all possible disaster scenarios, given these chaotic modern times, and have a contingency plan. That is business 101. You learn that in MBA school. Risk Management people! That’s all I’m saying! #Colorado


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