Could Aurora, et. al. have been prevented?

I believe so! But not with knee-jerk reactions. I am writing this post in response to an email I received from requesting that I sign a petition regarding illegal weapons in response to the Colorado shooting. The problem is the CRAZY in Colorado PURCHASED HIS GUNS LEGALLY in a very short amount of time! Therefore, there needs to be new psychological screenings taking place before those “eligible” to purchase weapons are allowed to do so. Questions of family history of mental illness needs to be addressed when someone applies for a gun permit or to purchase a gun. There should be a limit as to how many weapons and what type can be purchased in a calendar year. I would add that unless you can provide current police or military identification-verifiable via a database-then civilians should not be allowed to walk into a military or police surplus store and purchase bullet-proof vests or gas mask. They should have no need for military assault weapons or any gear manufactured for the police or military. Doing away with the 2nd Amendment isn’t going to solve the real issue-how do you prevent crazy people from obtaining weapons legally or illegally? We can’t blame the movie or the comic books on which this movie was based. We need to examine how this nuts psychological state fell through the cracks and why his actions were missed by the very neuroscience departments he studied in! Why didn’t his parents warn someone their son was nuts? What is psychological state of the parents? Those are the questions that need to be asked and answered. I believe we have a right to defend ourselves in the case of break-ins, war, or other anarchy but only certain weapons should be obtainable for those purposes. I believe folks should be allowed to hunt but you DO NOT NEED a military assault rifle to kill a deer! I have been shooting guns since I was three years old. My father, brothers, and countless friends all own or use guns for target practice, protections, or hunting. The difference is, they aren’t crazy! They use faith and prayer to get through life! Maybe if we get back to having faith in something other than material possessions, then maybe this nut job could have dealt with what ailed him and left the rest of us out of it! Doing away with guns won’t solve the deep seeded problem that plagued this person. Only getting to the root causes will enable us to protect ourselves and spot these people before they lose control and take folks down with them. #Colorado


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