What do you do when your pet is sick and possibly dying and the vet just keeps taking your money?

My roommates dog is terminally ill and he has visited the vet 3 times in the last 3 months. He first presented with throwing up and liquid poop. The vet only had him on fluids and sold her very expensive dog food which turns out he was allergic to. We took him back a second time and this time we were told it was pancreatitis. We were instructed to give him a bland diet which seemed to work but the results were short-lived. He has these growths all over his body and I felt they may be a manifestation of something worse than pancreatitis. He has had these growth for years and the vet kept saying they were just allergies. I never had an allergy give me a growth and I don’t know of any allergies that do! After researching online, my roommate and I both came to the same conclusion that “Pud” wasn’t going to get better and we just needed the vet to be honest. But he wasn’t. I feel the vet knew there was nothing that could be done for him the first time he was brought in yet, he kept taking her money and telling her he could work with her on the expenses and get
Pud” better. His “nothing treatment” has cost a lot of money she doesn’t have but does this douche bag care? NO! Finally, after she lets the vet know what she can afford, he comes clean and tells her the $300.00 worth of test he just ran came up clean and the new symptoms of him not wanting to drink water were indicative of cancer. His pancreas was showing no signs of having shut down because his insulin levels were normal. His lung and stomach scans were clear. He didn’t test his liver function but said that cancer may be hiding there or somewhere that won’t show up on a scan or blood work. He said that a TLI test would have to be done but that was another $172.00 and it would only tell him what he already knew…CANCER! Now I ask you, wouldn’t it have been better if the vet made sure “Pud” was no longer suffering? Wouldn’t it have been more humane to tell my roommate the truth from the beginning instead of making her jump through unnecessary hoops and expense? Humans aren’t the only ones in need of decent health care! Our pets are as well! We love them and take care of them like our children. It disgust me that people who claim to care and have the power to help these pets instead take advantage of them and their owners! “Pud” only has a few weeks to live and I pray that God is merciful and lets him pass in his slumber while dreaming of chasing cats. My advice to pet owners(good for your own health also) RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! The internet is a vital tool in learning about the latest treatments for our pets as well as ourselves. ASK QUESTIONS of your medical provider. DON’T go in blind and take their word for anything. “Pud” may have had a chance if this vet was honest from the beginning. The money and time spent on bogus diagnosis and treatments could have gone to save “Puds” life. Please don’t let this happen to you. I REPEAT…RESEARCH and ASK QUESTIONS!

2 thoughts on “What do you do when your pet is sick and possibly dying and the vet just keeps taking your money?

  1. And don’t be afraid to tell the vet from the get go what your financial limit is, and to let them know that within that budget you would appreciate their honest guidance as the chosen steward of your pet’s care. It sounds harsh, but most people have a limited budget for vet expenses, and it has nothing to do with how much you care about your pet. Any vet worth his/her salt would respect your parameters without extra pressure, and guide you well.

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