Birthdays, Funerals, Job Interviews, and Weddings…

….have one thing in common…..they bring out the evil in people and you find out how much you are loved or hated! You also learn how many people were born in a barn when it comes to invitation etiquette. If someone extends an invitation to you, you respond by accepting or declining. Not responding is not an acceptable response. Which also brings me to business etiquette. If you interview for a job and you are told you will be contacted with a decision of whether you got the position or not, DO IT! Not calling the candidate is bad business etiquette and places undo stress on the person waiting on that call! Why am I the only one who seems to remember these rules of life???? We are all supposed to be adults and should have learned this in our childhoods and schooling! Common courtesy should be the rule of a lifetime but apparently it has fallen and can’t get up! Feelings can be saved with just a two simples words: yes or no! Say it with me-YES or NO! That is all!


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