Be a light…

So I’m on my way to church this Sunday morning to pray for all of us and there was a car flipped over in front of me. I pulled over as I was stopping and putting on my hazard lights I saw two young guys crawling out of the window. One of them had a gaping head wound. So I grabbed some paper towels and administered first aid and kept him talking until paramedics got there. I am always cool and calm in these situations. The paramedics took over and I continued on to church. I thought I was fine and then close to the end of Mass, after I had a minute to think about what just happened and I started crying. Someone said it was the adrenaline subsiding. She is probably right. All I could think about what would have happened to those guys if I wasn’t on that same road? I almost went a different direction. I am no hero and I’m not sharing this for praise. I am sharing this to say follow your gut and help those in need no matter the cost. I was in despair last night and wondering why I help people at all. This morning gave me my answer. I help those who I know and don’t know because it is the right thing to do no matter the cost to me. It is very hard to do the right thing in the midst of all the evil in this world. I have to remain a beacon in all this darkness. That is the lesson I take away from everything from this morning and everything that has transpired in the last 8 months. So people be a light.

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