Google+ changing its platform is a Boo, Hiss, and WTF moment in history! I thought Google+ was supposed to be different! I am seriously disappointed! I joined Google+ because I felt I had more control over what content showed on my page unlike recent changes on Facebook. I felt I lost complete autonomy over what I could and could not show on Facebook and I felt like Facebook was forcing me to conform like the Borg from Star Trek! I will not be a Borg! I do not think “it’s futile to resist” the changes being made to social media platforms. Facebook acquiring Instagram, Gowalla going bye-bye, etc. shows me times are a changing and not in a good way. The Internet has become a phenomenon of epic proportion over the last 10 years. It connects us to those we once thought were lost to us. It helps us spread ideas and encourages change. Or at least it used to. Now issues of privacy have arisen, people’s personal lives have been shattered by rumor and innuendo, the concept of truth is muddled and facts are all but missing. Small Internet fish are being swallowed by big Internet fish and the vast, wild-west like frontier of the Internet is slowly disappearing for a more conservative, conformist entity. If everything is the same and there is no variety to this life, then what is the point of our existence? We have a basic need as humans to explore and be different. The Internet and all its social media platforms allowed us to be different in new and exciting ways. We shouldn’t lose that drive to be different. With the new changes on Google+, I feel like everyone else again being told what is cool and not being able to show my individuality. But I will not let that deter me from seeking out the new and different. I may even start my own social platform where it will be against the rules to be like everybody else! You must show individuality and a personality to match! No styrofoam people here! Cookie cutter not allowed! Uniqueness is a requirement! IJS!


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