Steps for developing and launching a marketing campaign

1. Research- analysis of product or service reports to see what areas need improvement. Research who the target audience is

2. Branding/Campaign message Develop a strong statement that promotes your brand or service that will span multiple channels

3. Choose Marketing Channel Mix- choosing the right mediums to spread brand awareness is important because you want to reach your target audience. If your audience doesn’t read magazines then don’t advertise in magazines.

4. Set Goals- you have to know what results you wish to obtain from the campaign. Is it just to spread awareness or increase sales?

5. Prototype-test a small portion before the big launch to make sure you have set the proper parameters in place. You will be able to fix anything that isn’t working. This will save time and revenue once the big campaign is launched.

6. Track the campaign-You want to track the progress of the marketing campaign so you can learn if you reached your target audience. You can gauge for future campaigns which channels worked and maybe discover new ones.

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