Sales vs. Marketing

I was at a local restaurant/bar the other day and there was a used car salesman hitting on my friend. I text her and said “step away from the car guy!” He saw the text and came over to me and asked me what I do for a living and I said I am an Internet Marketer. He says, ” Oh yeah you and I do the same thing.” I said no we don’t. He said yes we do. This exchange went on for several minutes and when I got bored with this exchange, I asked him, “do you know what web analytics is?” He said no. I asked him, ” do you know how to set up a PPC campaign?” He said no. I asked him, ” can you add keywords to increase Search Engine Optimization?” He said no. Then I finally said, “Sir, you and I DO NOT DO THE SAME THING!” Before he teetered away, he said, “I guess we really don’t do the same thing and sales is not the same as marketing. I don’t even know what you just said on a good day.” I said, “marketing creates brand awareness which generates sales and it’s your job to close the sale.” Was I too mean in my explanation or right on point?


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