Social Media Analytics

As with regular web analytics tools not being magic, social media analytics tools are even less reliable. However, more and more companies are using social media to build brand awareness and generate feedback. It is fast becoming a marketing tool to help companies stay connected to their client base. You cannot simply rely on social media campaigns to get the word out. Companies must continue to use traditional methods of Internet Marketing to promote brand awareness and generate sales. However, social media is still a viable medium for supplementing these marketing campaigns. The use of social media to open a dialogue and measure the voice of the people gives companies a deeper connection to its client base. Some industry analysis’ indicate today’s social media sites have a short shelf life because of people’s short attention spans and following the next best thing can contribute to this flighty trend. But social media analytic tools should be used in conjunction with regular marketing analytics to track customers Internet movements. Social media analytics tools should not be built for specific sites but geared to follow the ever-changing landscape of the Internet. With the majority of industry experts being immersed on social media platforms our job is made easier to help companies keep up with these changes. Listening and integrating customer surveys into social media campaigns with questions related to a consumers Internet movements will help spot when the tide is turning toward a new social media platform. We would then be able to advise our clients how to stay in touch with its client base and move with the people instead of being left behind.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Analytics

    • I was told about a Twitter Analytics tool called If you are thinking of starting a social media campaign on Twitter, this is an excellent tool that will help you gauge who is following your account, who follows your followers, and find a new target audience. I will be posting a tutorial I did on the easiness of Facebook already has built in analytics to track your campaign.

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