Tourism Goes Viral

The hospitality and tourism industry is ahead of the curveof many industries and marketing departments for many tourism sites for states,countries, and travel companies already use video in their marketing campaignsto garner interest for the destinations they are promoting. They usepromotional DVD’s that are sent out to consumers urging them to visit theirwebsites to learn more about their offerings. Once the consumer is on theirwebsite, they are directed to yet more videos of their potential destinations.These videos can vary from professional shots of scenery or visitor uploadedvideos of their vacation experiences. These websites also include photos andreviews from these same visitors. Now, these same companies are able to expandtheir promotions via links on sites such as Facebook. They have access tomillions of consumers who are able to follow the companies advertisingcampaigns and add their reviews via Facebook. There aren’t many tourism boardsor companies that don’t use some sort of video marketing to promote theirbusiness. One such company is Carnival Cruises. They have a Facebook page inaddition to their traditional site Their video center has many video links that are narrowed down by destination. Consumers canresearch their destination and get ideas for a once in a lifetime vacation, honeymoon, or shop for discounts.
Another company that utilizes video to promote their companyis They offer city guide videos for people who book their stay inlocal hostels. An example video is 5 Free Things to do in Boston

It showcase’s Boston and gives the traveler a general idea of what toexpect while in Boston. also has links to their Facebook page andthey allow people to bookmark and share the information on their individualpage.

These videos are affective because they allow fast researchand knowledge to be spread very quickly. It saves trees as well as moneybecause companies do not have to send out brochures but they can still get theinformation to potential customers. Their overall marketing budgets have probablydecreased because linking to social media sites have increased traffic to theirtraditional sites. Digital Marketing keeps on coming and doesn’t look like itis dispersing anyway soon.


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